Tuesday, June 25


20 slides, 20 ideas, 20 seconds. Boo, Buena and I each came up with 6-7 new and unique accessory ideas, either designing for a need or designing a need. The drawing style used is like that of patent illustrations. My first three ideas are just some eccentric novelty items.

Kimberley Mine - is an idea out of decadent whim. It's a stingray leather collar studded with 36-carat diamonds, and fastened with a platinum buckle. It's the most expensive Gothic accessory ima-ginable, and also the deadliest, since diamonds could cut through anything, and blood couldn't stain its lustre.

Medida Laureat - is inspired by seamstresses wearing their tape measures around their necks. So, here's a fancier version, with fancier colors and fonts. This medida drapes well, and doesn't deform like ordinary ones. It is equipped with a ring to turn it into a laureat necklace when not in use.

Craine de Lapin Bag - /krahn-du-lapahn/ or "skull of rabbit". It's a clutch bag shaped like the rabbit's strange skull. The handle is its mouth, the magnetic lock is the side teeth, and the hinge is the jaw bone. There's a zipped pocket on the nose bridge. The bag has a hard lining to retain its skullish shape.

The next ideas are now innovative and functional, 
and a bit technologically advanced if you will.

The Heliophilous Hat - inspired by the sunflower who always looks at the sun. The wide brim detects where the sun is, and adjusts itself automatically around the hat's crown. Thus, no matter which direction the wearer walks to, there would be constant shade without any fuss. The under-brim is made of UV protection fabric.

A.F.V. Zipper - a zipper with automated fingerprint verification. It would only unlock if the thumbprint matches the rightful owner. The zipper can be attached to valuable objects like bags or wallets to prevent a successful theft. It can also be used in pants to prevent rape. This idea became a favorite in class.

Terpsichore's Heels - there have been musical shoes, but none yet for the party girls. The chunky heels or wedges are equipped with speakers. There's a USB port to download the songs. The shoes are shock-proof to protect the gadgets inside during extreme dancing or stomping. The main control buttons are on a matching bracelet.

Saturday, June 15

Diagnostic Project

Polly Pocket was my entire childhood, proof that I was a spoiled little girl in the 90s. I have ten of these little wonderful toys, and someday I would add more to my town, which are now very valuable since Mattel no longer uses the "pocket' concept of Bluebird.


I made a pillbox hat inspired by my frilly childhood. Inside the pillbox is dollhouse furniture. It's  then covered with a black hairnet, referring to my introversion and possible Gothic tendencies when young. I used to pretend one of my Polly Pockets is haunted.