Thursday, July 11

I. Fabric Construction

Paloma and I are the first group among the accessory workshops. Incompatible? Well, merge pink and black together and we get Candy Goth. We came up with the Chinese knot because of its tassels and ornamental details. I will make and present the Powerpoint, and she will demonstrate (even master) the knotwork. During the library work, Angeli joined us and helped in the history of the zhonggou jie.

I planned to provide everything for the class, from the chords to pins. We went to Quiapo, to the many candystore-like accessory shops, and our materials cost less than a thousand. Everything was well-prepared, even the well-chosen pictures. It's all up to the very day. The fork pompom was a good start, a quirky little ice-breaker. Fabric construction shows that even from yarn, we can create such awesomeness.

Macrame by Jay Barry Matthews

And then, we go to the Chinese knotting. Good thing, we decided to present just two knots: dragonfly and Pan Chang, instead of the 8-petal flower, and good luck knot. Unfortunately, the Pan Chang was hard enough for our pupils to follow. We didn't foresee this right. They say the Chinese knots are for good luck, but first, you need good luck to make them. In the end, the workshop produced such gorgeous pieces.

From left: Trisha, [Dee, Kendi, Dan], [Jamie, Eden], Alex, and Nina.

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