Monday, September 9

Check List    Headdress..xxxx    Sewing.......xxxx    Cut & Paste..xxxx    3D   

Saturday, September 7

Morphological Analysis

earrings + lace + knitting = Black Camellia

footwear + lace + sewing  //  eyewear + lace + cut & paste  //        

gloves + leather + sewing = Valentino Bow Gloves

handbag + leather + molding  //  belt + leather + cut & paste  // 

ring + gems + soldering = McQueen Knuckleduster

earrings + gems + wirework  //  collar + gems + chainwork  //

handbag + glass + soldering = Glass Purse

necklace + glass + chainwork  //  eye wear + glass + wirework  //         

gloves + resin + 3D printing = Cortex Cast

necklace + resin + beading  //  ring + clear resin + molding  //                

ring + wood + carving = Steampunk Owl

earrings + wood + beading  //  footwear + wood + carving

headdress + feathers + cut & paste = Feathered Salad

collar + feathers + wirework  //  handbag + feathers + sewing  //             

eyewear + flowers + knitting = Just an idea

belt + flowers + beading  //  headdress + flower + sewing //    

footwear + metal + 3D printing = Heavy Metal

belt + metal + soldering  //  necklace + metal + chain mesh  //               

headdress + fur + molding = Mongolian Lamb Hat

collar + fur + sewing  //  gloves + fur + knitting  //

carving + ivory + brooch  //  3D printing + plastic + headdress  //      

Thursday, September 5

X. Millinery

I have an extreme penchant for headdresses, from Medieval Gothic to the Royal Ascot Hats, from Rose Bertin to Philip Treacy. I have designed many, like this year's Miss CT's pin cushion crown, yet my skills and techniques are still amateurish. So, I anticipated this very workshop.

Nina and Ariana showed us a glimpse inside a hat factory, which makes me want to work on the pedal or the mold. Then, we sewn ourselves some berets. Because the pattern was too big, I improved on it and made a panda hat with a stuffed bow in front. Yes, a Goth just made that.

Wednesday, September 4

IX. Jewellery

Oftentimes, people believe accessories is interchangeable with jewelry. But what I learned in Apparel Accessories is that they are different. Jewelry is only an example, yet it covers most of it. And I wished our subject mostly covers jewelry as well, because one workshop isn't enough.

I am saddened that I did not do my best here. My usual problem is wasting [play] money on materials, that I realized later, would be of no use to me. Plus, creative concept takes lots of  my time. I should have brought my crosses. At the last minute, I just hanged pins on a chain.

Tuesday, September 3

VIII. Wirework

This workshop is more of a workout. Sophia and Yana totally got this. In accessory-making, I guess I'm more into hardware. I enjoyed flexing my pliers, bending metal, getting cuts, and lots of hammering. Though the only problem is making perfectly smooth curves.

I was expecting that we create 3D wire sculptures, like Alex's pretty little dream catcher. But instead, we carved our names in wires. Gosh, it's soo 90s! Being a non-conformist, I made an Egyptian symbol, the Wadjet Eye. I have this idea of turning it into a monocle.