Sunday, August 11

VII. Polymer Clay

I've been looking forward for this workshop. It's very applicable to accessory-making. It's basically sculpture. The baking time is quite quick (if only I have an oven). I made a plague doctor mask, most adorable as a ring. Below, it rests on a pompom I made for my Scottish hat.

Aye lass, am frum Scottland! Home of Braveheart, Princess Merida and McQueen. I think the only thing that made this day stand out was the gimmick. Actually, after showing that sweet video of polymer desserts, I wished it was the theme and I'd make this graveyard cupcake.

Saturday, August 10

VI. Embroidery

Needlework is like the textile equivalent of miniature painting, you focus more on the "pixels" and minute details, instead of big strokes and blops. Boo and Buena discussed about the art of embroidery, and I think that field trip to Lumban already gave us enough appreciation.

I love the Lazy Daisy technique because it's easy and there's already a flower for my Dios de La Muerte skull piece. But, yes, it's for the lazy like me. I would love to create my own Gothic lace someday, but I think I'd rather use a computerized embroidery machine.